Custom Made Tulle Skirt / Tutu

We custom make tulle skirt (tutu)!

Our tutu skirts are best for wedding reception, pre-wedding shoots, family portrait and also romantic dates. Some of our customers wear our tulle for ballet too. It’s up to you to decide on the size and colours. We are able to customize to your preferred length, from kid size to full floor length, as well as waist size. Depends on situation we can customize the number of tulle layers too. Feel free to check out our customers’ photos on Bon Bon Boutique Instagram.

For the time being we have 15 colour choices and we plan to introduce more in the future; same goes to the design, we will launch different designs when the tailor learns the tricks ;)

Because every tulle skirt is tailored made uniquely for you, we need at least 18 working days to deliver the final product (starting from the day of payment). So please kindly plan your schedule ahead. Anyhow, please do talk to us about the schedule & availability. You may get lucky if the tailor had a slot.